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Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Our Promises

1. A guaranteed rental income on time, every month.

2. You still get paid even if the property is empty.

3. You get paid on time even if the rent is not paid on time or even at all.

4. 0% commission, or hidden costs.

5. We will deal with all tenant’s queries, questions and complaints.

Terms & Condition

No matter how long it takes us to find the right tenant, your rent will be paid from when the contract is signed giving you a set start date. Your rent will be continually paid on this date going forward so you know exactly what to expect.


You might wonder how we are able to deliver a service like this and make it financially viable. We charge no set-up fees or commission. So, you get slightly less than market rent for the security that having your monthly income guaranteed brings. Our experience has shown us that despite this, our landlords usually receive a higher annual income than landlords using a traditional service or going it alone because voids, rent arrears, court proceedings and the other inevitable but unexpected interruptions to your rental income are our problem and not yours.

• We can Lease the property for 3 - 5 years.

• Pay you the rent on the same day every month, guaranteed.

• Pay you even if the property is empty so non void period.

• We take care of any evictions.

• All damage and repair bills covered by us.

• No commission or set-up fee charged or any hidden costs.

• We choose and select suitable tenants we can trust.

• Choose the dates you would like to be paid.

• A fully-managed property service as part of the contract.

• No extra charges or fees, even for evictions.

• A 0% commission full management service.

• Inspection on the property every 4-6 weeks.

• A FREE inventory: electrical safety test, gas safety check, Energy          Performance Certificate.

• Claiming and rectifying for damages done.


• Minor repairs carried out for FREE.

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2% + 增值稅
2.5% + 增值稅
12% + 增值稅
10% + 增值稅
8% + 增值稅
6% + 增值稅


了解更多相關資訊,包括最新價格及樓盤資料,立即聯絡YM International預約免費諮詢,與您分析樓盤各項細節及價錢,以及海外物業注意事項

600 英鎊(500 英鎊 + 增值稅)
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